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Mary Leet founded The Healthy Home Scientist after hidden mould robbed her family’s health for years.

Mary Leet worked at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, CSIRO and the Baker Institute for 11 years. She quit science to start a family because of the toxic laboratory chemicals she had to work with. Her two boys, ironically, were sickly with continual colds and flus, asthma and eczema over the next ten years.

Mary went from doctor to doctor, asking for the cause of her children’s constant illness instead of band-aid solutions. To no avail. It took years of research and study before she discovered the biological cause of her children’s illness. It had been due to mould growth in the evaporative air cooler. For years, mould spores had blown right through the house; they were hidden, invisible and highly toxic. There was no smell.

Over a period of ten years, hidden mould had drained her finances into medical expenses and her children suffered from frequent school absenteeism. Her marriage, ultimately, didn’t survive.

Mould rage. That’s also one of the symptoms of mould exposure.

Poor environmental health had proven to be very costly.


After surviving a sick home, Mary now runs workshops to teach families how to nurture their home environment to promote optimal health and well-being. She also audits home to investigate the biological cause of illness in families and recommend solutions to transform sick homes to healthy homes.

Medical Research Experience
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Baker Institute

Volunteer Coordinator at Dalai Lama In Australia 2007

Bachelor of Applied Science (majoring in Biotechnology), RMIT.
Cert IV Building Biology (Mould Testing, Radiation Mapping, Air Testing,
Drinking Water Quality, VOCs, Chemical testing), ACES
Cert IV Feng Shui (Space Clearing, Geomancy, Chinese Astrology), ACES
Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT
Cert III Small Business Management, Holmesglen

Scientific Journal Publications
Jurgen R.J. Kun, Mary Leet, Ronald L. Anthony, Jutta E. Kun, and Robin F. Anders. Plasmodium falciparum: A region of Polymorphism in the 3’ end of the Gene for the Ring-Infected Erythrocyte Surface Antigen. Experimental Parasitology 1994, 78, 418-421.

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Scientific Presentations
“Recombinant AMA-1 as a potential component of a malaria vaccine” by M.Leet, P.E. Crewther, S. Edwards, B. Pollock, D. Pye and R. F. Anders. Poster 1994 Lorne Protein Conference

“Optimisaton and Evaluation of Methods for Extraction and Microsequencing of Peptides from in situ Digests of Protein Bands from SDS Gels” by Mary Matthew, A. Ian Smith. Poster 1998 Australian Peptide Conference.

Poster Abstracts
“Sequence Polymorphism in the Apical Membrane Antigen (AMA-1) of P. chabaudi” by Pauline E. Crewther, Mary Leet and Robin F. Anders.

“Vaccine Efficacy of Recombinant Apical Membrane Antigen 1” by R. F. Anders, P.E. Crewther, S.J. Edwards, M. Hayden, K.L. Vanderberg, M. Leet, T.L. Webster, P.G. Schoofs, V. Marshall, R.L. Coppel, B. Pollock, D. Pye.

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