The Healthy Home Scientist investigates the home environment for health hazards that may cause illness in the family.

The Healthy Home Scientist tests for health hazards such as mould, drinking water, indoor air quality, VOCs, electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency or microwaves (i.e. from electrical sources, power stations, power lines, mobile phone towers, smart-meter and Wi-Fi), chemicals and allergens.

Symptoms of environmental illness may include asthma, skin issues, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, continual colds and flus, rage, chemical sensitivity, electro-sensitivity, chronic inflammatory response (e.g. chronic fatigue, lyme disease, fibromyalgia) etc.

Science-based solutions will be recommended  to transform sick homes to healthy homes.

Mary Leet runs healthy toxic-free home workshops to promote health and well-being in a home.

About Us

Mary Leet founded The Healthy Home Scientist after mould robbed her family’s health for years. She worked at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and the Baker Institute for 11 years….read more…


Healthy Home  (Mould Testing, Air Testing, EMR and RF Radiation Testing)
Home Sweet Home (Land Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Space Clearing)
Selling A Home

All services are Australian Government Accredited.

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Mary Leet – The Healthy Home Scientist

Mobile: 0433 646 944

Email: info@thehealthyhomescientist.com

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Thanks Mary,
As I mentioned, it does feel different and more energised. So, thank you.

N. R. , Chiropractor

I approached Mary Leet because I desperately needed to clear negative energy out of my home.

She was referred by my trusted friend and  chiropractor.

Mary helped me by removing all the negative and raising the energy of my home, which had us all feeling better,  so we all performed at a higher level.

The result was PEACE and it was beautiful.

I really felt taken care of and Mary explained everything she did.

I found the experience so interesting

I would recommend Mary to people who are feeling not quite right and can’t explain why.

Mary also checked my home for mould as I was concerned about two rooms in my home.

Your expertise has been worth every dollar. Thank you!

C.S., Mount Waverley.